Nemo Submersible Well Pumps are available with 12 VDC, 24 VDC, or 115 VAC/DC motors. Since the basic performance characteristics of all 3 voltages are virtually the same, selecting a voltage most suitable for a specific application namely depends on the power source available and the distance between the power source and the pump.

Here are the advantages/disadvantages of each model: 

1. THE NEMO 12 VDC PUMPS can be operated from any 12 VDC power source and requires just one 12 volt battery and/or one 12 volt solar module, but requires relatively heavier gauge wire for long wire runs. 

2. THE NEMO 24 VDC PUMPS normally requires two 12 volt batteries (connected in series) and/or two 12 volt modules (connected in series), but the wire size can be of a proportionately lighter gauge than the heavier gauge wire required for 12 VDC pumps. (Note that the Nemo 24 VDC Pump motor can also operate at 12 VDC, but at half the speed and consequently half the GPM output…..whereas the 12 volt model has the same output as the 24 volt model.) 

3. THE NEMO 115 VAC/DC PUMPS can operate from any 115 VAC power source (power grid, generator, inverter) and only needs relatively light gauge wire for long wire runs, but to be solar powered it needs to have a small (150 watt minimum) DC to AC inverter connected between the pump and the solar charged battery.