THE NEMO PUMP 60 DAY LIMITED WARRANTY: We make Nemo Submersible Pump Cases and install Flojet brand pumps into the Nemo Cases. If the Flojet pump fails within the warranty period due to the workmanship of said installation and/or due to a defect in the materials and/or workmanship of a Nemo Case, we will promptly replace the complete Nemo Submersible Pump unit.  We do not warranty Flojet brand pumps. (Flojet pumps are warranted by Flojet Corporation 1-800-2FLOJET, but they may not warranty pump motors that have failed due to direct contact with water). We also do not warranty the workmanship of whoever installs your pump into your water source.  Any replacement of a Nemo Submersible Pump unit is conditional upon

(1)  A complete description of the installation and the postpaid return of the complete original unit with attached wire connection devices included,

(2) our examination of the returned unit,

(3) our determination that failure was a result of our materials and/or workmanship being defective and not due to a defective Flojet pump, a defective installation of the pump into your water source, or any application of the pump which exceeded the use for which it was designed (see Nemo Use Guide), and

(4) a return authorization by email or telephone prior to the return.  

Note: Any questions or concerns regarding a Nemo Submersible Pump, either under warranty or after warranty expiration, can be conveyed to for consultation.