This is a Lift/Amps/Flow Chart for the Flojet pump heads used in the Nemo 12 Volt and the Nemo 24 Volt Submersible Pumps. This chart also indicates the wire gauge (AWG) of the wire to use to power a pump, which depends on the amperage draw of the pump and the vertical distance the pump lifts the water. The chart indicates the minimum recommended wire gauge (AWG#) for 12 volt and 24 volt pumps set at the corresponding lift distances. 

NOTE: The Nemo 115 Volt AC pump (not included in chart) has virtually the same performance characteristics, including operating wattage, as the Nemo DC pumps listed in the chart. In fact the Nemo AC pump actually has a DC motor, but with the addition of a built-in rectifier which allows it to be operated from a 115 Volt AC power source, such as a small 150 watt inverter (it will also operate directly on 115 Volt DC power). The advantage of choosing the Nemo higher voltage AC pump is when the application calls for a very long wire run; and thus the AWG size of the wire can be much smaller than if using the heavier wire required with low voltage DC wire runs. For AC pumps, wire gauges between a minimum of #14 AWG to a maximum of #10 AWG would typically suffice for all indicated distances.