PEAK DBI 12 OR 24 VOLT LOW VOLTAGE DISCONNECT  These units are manufactured in South Africa and have an exemplary track record. Install this device between a battery and its load and it will automatically protect the battery from excessive discharge by disconnecting the load. A battery, especially a non-deep cycle one, which is run until it is empty or nearly empty of charge will have its operational lifetime reduced and future ability to hold its full rated charge impaired. Or in a direct solar application install the LVD between a solar module and a load to prevent the load from running underpowered when there is not enough sun on the module, as this could damage some motors. The user can program any of 20 disconnect and 20 reconnect values via an external pushbutton. The unit corrects any illegal/faulty programming and shows it. The unit comes preprogrammed with recommended popular default values. These default values are permanently stored in the firmware and can easily be restored by the user. The programming procedures, reconnect voltage table, disconnect voltage table and wiring diagram are described/shown in a comprehensive user instruction manual. To increase load handling capabilities add an external heavy duty contactor/relay. The cutout will then drive this external contactor/relay which in turn will switch the load.

IMPORTANT: If using the 24 volt LVD with direct solar, be sure that the voltage from the solar module does not exceed 35 volts. To use the 24 volt LVD with direct solar and a module with a maximum voltage that exceeds 35 volts, a suitable load resistor must be connected on the module’s output.


  • Micro-processor controlled
  • Dimensions: Width[2.6 inch(65 mm)] x Length[3.7 inch(95 mm) x Height[1.6 inch(40 mm)]
  • Voltage: 12 or 24 volt
  • Accuracy better than 1%
  • Relay contact rating: 30 amp (360 watt) max
  • Controller standby current draw: 1.5 milliamp
  • Controller max current draw: 55 milliamp
  • Reverse voltage protected
  • Internally PTC fused (self resetting)
  • Supply input ‘spikes’ LC filtered and clamped
  • Internal ‘watchdog’
  • Voltage measurement input RC filtered and clamped
  • 20 user programmable disconnect and reconnect voltages
  • Ships with controller preprogrammed with default values
  • External pushbutton for programming and manual ON/OFF

Owner benefits

  • Protection on all inputs for ruggedness
  • Micro-controller ‘watchdog’ for automatic resetting after malfunctions
  • Micro-processor controlled for accurate disconnect and reconnect values
  • User programmable feature for availability of a wide variety setup values
  • Internal PTC self-resetting fuse for protection against short-circuits
  • Low standby current for long battery life
  • Preprogrammed default values for beginners – just ‘plug and play’
  • Reverse voltage protection for long unit life
  • Low controller max current draw for lower battery discharge

$45 Postpaid US

$55 Postpaid Worldwide.